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SanchaGang Updates!

We Live for the BUS, Rightuh?!

Bulok na Bus II: SanchaGang (Mamagoto Clan) Update
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What's in here?
You have reached SanchaGang's LJ Community. It seems that you've gotten in here by sheer curiosity but what the heck? At least we have a visitor.

In this community, you'll find updates regarding our unlikely gang, adding to that the usual fangirl-ing, rants, crack and many more. Yes, we are one of the gangs who makes a living of spamming blogs with silliness and fluff.
Thank God, the society loves us. XP
History of the Unusual Gang
Two years had passed and now Bulok na Bus has been unexpectedly ruled over by inane gangster called SanchaGang wherein the gang's composed of the great family of Mamagoto.

It all started when two rich strangers fell in love with each other. These two are widowed bettina91187 along with "his" only child, cecilia101 and the "voluptuous" ika_rasu along with her three daughters sophia_manelle, hesminenotyours and kuro_tenshii18.

The commitment of two received no further objections from their children albeit the revolt that occurred on the day of the wedding and are currently living peacefully under the loving care of the Bulok na Bus. Due to this, ainanaman08 was born although the child's unexpectedly older than the two's younger children and found a rather rowdy but talented family pet, thedognamedboo2.
Join us?
Interested? Then join us however this is exclusively for SanchaGang Members only so you're not allowed to post an entry here if you're not one of us.

Since you're here, you're free to watch us and place your comments into any of our entries. We love comments anyway and we don't bite. XP
Our Frienster
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