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Aww, seniors. :)

This is for you. :)

I will miss you!! :D >:D

It's about Time!

Okay, people. It has been awhile since someone posted here. Seriously, if this an actual tangible journal, it would be yellowed with age. No one ever bothered to post senseless and pointless things here anymore. Poor bus journal, neglected and abandoned.

Yes, that was a guilt trip. I'm serious.

Enough about that, it's a special day today. And I know everyone's been giddy since this morning. Because *AHEM*sophia_manelle *AHEM* received something special today and *AHEM* surely no one did miss it, right? (Well, that is, if you're not on the bus this morning).

To commemorate this day, I made a little something for our dear celebrant:

Banner by ika_rasu

Oh, yes. I know someone out there named their stuffed rabbit after Yamapi. Pi-chan was it? Haha! Don't worry, we'll take care of the real Pi since you're busy with your potential lover. But all the same, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You make Mama proud! GOOD JOB! NAUNAHAN MO PA AKO, DAMMIT! IHATEYOU!

Sigh! Let college come. I want some boys. And this is your frustrated mother speaking so it's best not to follow her example. It's dangerous, I tell ya! And no need to get emotional hesminenotyours. We still got... what? Two more weeks? So save this emo-ness of yours till later. I'm not yet ready for this.

Well, isn't this day exciting? No, seriously. It is! Who would expect someone receiving a stuffed WABBIT from a potential lover? Fine, shutting up! WAAAHHH! BOYS COME TO ME!


Happy ♥♥♥ day to all members of SanchaGang!!!
Muwah! :-* >:D<



This was taken from my Multiply.... XP


Wow.The sound of rain...its soooo LOUD. :| Its raining(obviously) while i'm typing  this...Anyway,i'm not gonna type about the rain...i'm gonna type about my busmates!!!! Ok...let's start...first of all, i'm a proud memeber of BULOK NA BUS/SANCHA Gang! samahan namin to sa bus....tas napaakasay dito...as in SOBRA. ang WIDE ng imaginations ng mga tao, may sarili kming DICTIONARY, ang HYPER ng mga tao,we're LOUD...and CRAZY! every trip sa bus---is a MEMORABLE one...really. I LOVE MY BUS and MY BUSMATES!!! except kay SADDAM! :& Last year, ako nag start mag bus...dapat nga dun ako sa kbilng bus e...pero... "pinilit" ko c tita beth na ilipat ako sa bulok na bus kc mukhang masaya...MASAYA nga dun! :)))) Here are the PROUD MEMBERS of BULOK NA BUS:

Ate Bashia-the LOUD one :)) (my step-okasan)

Ate Bett- the FRIENDLY one :)) (my otosan)

Ate Jeselle- the PROTECTIVE one---*aina* :)) (my brother-in-law)

Ate Jillian- the QUIET one---emphasis sa QUIET :)) (my step-siter)

Ate Sophia- the ONE na nagbabaon ng napaka SARAP na sandwiches :)) (my step-sister)      

Ate Pauline- the PEP :)) (our dog)                                                 

Mikee- the SINGER :)) (my step-sister)

Aina-the ONE whose EAR ung nag buBLUSH instead of the cheeks :)) (my step or half-sister?)

tas si CLANG....sinama ko cya.... anak cya ni aina and ate jeselle

yan....ang BULOK na BUS!!!!! even though it seems weird....masaya naman!  Oooh!!!! it stopped raining! :))

pampalipas oras~

HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS~!!!..^^ i hope you had a nice xmas break!!! haha
ayun..alam ko delayed to ng isang araw..pro wala n akong masabi!!!

la lng..:)) un lng po! MISS YOU GUYS!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

We have reached another fun filled year of new beginnings. I hope you guys kept all your New Year's resolution until the very end or else... I'm going to bite you down. Also, I hope we could achieve a closer bond within each and everyone of us since it would be  the last three months we could be together. No need to get emotional over that. We still got THREE MONTHS, people. So let's do our best!

Classes will resume by tomorrow and I bet you guys had wonderful Christmas break. Care to fill us in? You may also have noticed our profile layout. Wonderful, isn't it? Hope you guys like it although we're only six in there. Don't worry, I'll change the header once we have the complete decent (admit it, all our photos are candid!) picture.

I know this is somewhat sudden but I would like to request for all the pictures we had for our play. I was planning to make a post out of it and it would be nice if I could sort out all our photos and compile it. C'mon, guys. My pictures aren't enough and ainanaman08, where's our video? Be kind to some of us who haven't got the chance to see our play so please. *puppy dog eyes to you all*

Okay, with that done, I hope to see you all tomorrow. I kinda miss you guys!

the PLAY

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! First time to write.....tapos na ang play!!! 

And the feeling's good! It was so FUN yesterday...! All of us were so BUSY. There was no time to play...

We were all NERVOUS and EXCITED at The SAME time...but all our 

paid off-----we got P4,100 from parents and friends!!! I guess being a STAR... 

just for one day feels really GOOOOD!!! It was really a good experience...especially experiencing 

it with your FRIENDS and LOVED ONES...

6 Days before Christmaaas. :x

Woow. It's been quite a while since I posted, eh? Haha! I'm in a blogging mood eh. :))

Hmm, let's see. Stressed sila Ate Bashia and Ate Bet coz of our play. Pero I tell you, kaya natin 'to:)

SANCHAGANG can do the Impossible. :)

We're having our exams 'til Friday tas Christmas Break na.



**blogging mood gone**
HAA. It's rare like that. Kidding. :)

Sorry if this is a senseless post. Just for the sake of posting something. :)

Bye, dods. :>

<3, Aina.ü